Yves Rossier resigns: new upheaval at the FDFA

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The small microcosm of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) is endlessly agitated. Latest reply: the resignation this Wednesday of Yves Rossier, last ambassador to Moscow and former secretary of state. In open war with Ignazio Cassis, the Fribourgeois worked for the Swiss administration for more than thirty years.

The gate rather than Riga

“The FDFA confirms that Mr. Yves Rossier left the FDFA on his own initiative. As Secretary of State and Swiss Ambassador to Moscow, he has served Swiss foreign policy for many years. We would like to thank Mr. Yves Rossier for his commitment. ” Here is the full commentary of the services of Ignazio Cassis concerning the departure with a crash of one of his most important officials. No further details will be provided in the press release, transmitted exclusively in German. The text is brief, given the stature of the resigning.