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Young party wings challenge the Federal Council

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After more than a year of pandemic and the violence which marked the Easter weekend in St. Gallen, the youths of five parties are urgently asking for “perspectives” in an open letter to the Federal Council. The alliance also wants to have a greater say in the management of the crisis.

The Youth of the Center, the Vert’liberals, the Evangelical Party, the PS and the Greens would like to meet the Federal Council, they indicate in their letter published on the internet.

To have: Covid: the depression of young people

According to them, the younger generation should not be discriminated against if the relaxations are linked to being vaccinated. Young people with mental health problems should also be entitled to adequate help.

Serious mental problems

They also plead for a rapid return to classroom teaching for post-compulsory education, through a rigorous testing strategy and a concept of protection. Through testing and contact tracing, we should also consider a return to normal for young people.

“We urgently need perspectives,” the letter said. More and more young people feel misunderstood. There is a worrying increase in people with severe mental health problems.

And even: Anti-covid: the ranks of the “Querdenker” widen

These demands come at a time when violent clashes between young people and police officers have punctuated the Easter weekend in St. Gallen. Young politicians condemn violence. But according to them, the reports of these events ignore the voices of all the young people who have respected the authorities’ anti-Covid instructions for more than a year.

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