You wrote to us about … the niqab, human rights, universal income and the remuneration of the boss of Novartis

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■ Muslim, I unreservedly support the vote

Hedia Hallenbarter, Mollens

The interview with Madame Keller-Messahli on the niqab that appeared in your newspaper appealed to me in more than one way. Myself a Muslim, I wholeheartedly support the vote because my understanding of Islam is serene, from a spiritual rather than ritualistic approach, favoring peace over controversy. However, in the current context of passion and tension that we experience when it comes to Islam, I cannot say if the choice of speakers to talk about it is really wise.

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First, I regret that Madame Keller-Messahli refers to sura 24 (Nour, verses 29 and 30) and to the interpretation made by the Muslim Brotherhood “eroticizing” the entire woman’s body and instituting the full veil so as not to succumb to temptation, without however enlightening readers on its real content. Now, what does she say? In this surah, revealed to condemn adultery as much as defamation, there is a recommendation made to both men and women to lower their eyes so as not to be “tempted” if their gaze were to encounter an object arousing desire, and to preserve their sexual organs, that is, to remain chaste or faithful. Then, there is a recommendation made to women in public space, to wear loose clothes covering their hips, that is to say the buttocks and the chest, but does not say to hide the face. Women are free to dress as they wish in the private space, in the presence of other men from the family circle as well as their married male servants. The purely masculine Islamist interpretation is opposed as much to the letter of sura 24 as to the spirit of Islam since it ignores the divine injunction in sura 2 (Al-Baqara verse 256): No constraint in religion!

Then, I have not had the privilege of reading the book by Islamologist Andreas Tunger-Zanetti, and will be sure to do so. However, Madame Keller-Messahli, who proclaims herself to be a progressive Islam, disqualifies her work in haste in the sole “light” of an interview in the NZZ. A somewhat … extremist attitude, and would almost allow me to do the same concerning her, if I had to evaluate her work in the light of this single interview that appeared in Time. We are far from other progressives such as Fatima Mernissi or Amina Wadud.

■ The gold medal for courage and ethics

Jean Schaer, Vevey (VD)

Thanks to international pressure (countries, sponsors, teams, etc.), the 2021 World Hockey Championships will not take place in Belarus and that’s a good thing. And as much to say that Mr. Fasel does not have much to do with it, he who still believes that sport can weaken such a dictatorship!

Why offer such a showcase to two countries which flout human rights?

But what about the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in the same year. Why offer such a showcase to two countries which flout human rights (for example, the abuses exercised by the Chinese authorities against the Uighurs: millions of people placed in re-education camps with “brainwashing”, subjected to forced labor? , women forced to abortions and forced sterilizations)?

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This ethnic eugenics largely deserves a withdrawal from countries, athletes, the public and sponsors who defend human rights and democracy. Of course, these decisions are difficult to make for athletes focused on these deadlines. But wouldn’t such a boycott have more value than the cultural extermination of a population? Wouldn’t such a choice on the part of an athlete deserve the gold medal for courage and ethics?

■ The hypothesis of a rescue plan

Pierre Alain, Cologny

The tragedy would be to neglect the population in the name of the economy. Revolutions would be fomented and the liberalism in which I firmly believe when it is honestly applied would take the lead in the wing. Would it not be time to bring together, by the most suitable means, leading philosophers, psychologists, mathematicians, to offer us a feasibility plan for the establishment of a universal income financed by taxes on the returns of artificial intelligence and robotics, the main labor forces in the relatively near future, perhaps? This so that, all over the Earth, each of us can at least find accommodation, eat enough, (get) treated, if necessary?

■ At Novartis, sickening excesses

Daniel Rohrbasser

On the 26th of this month, Novartis, in which I am a shareholder, announced a + 20% increase in its net profitability: Magnificent! The board of directors has therefore decided to thank its shareholders and increase the dividend by 0.05 centime: + 2%. Alms.

Especially since the share price fell by more than 10% in 2020. At this level, the shareholder wonders if we are not laughing at him (and I remain polite).

He has confirmation of this when he learns that during the same period the CEO received compensation of 12.72 million francs, an increase of more than 15% compared to the previous year.

What justifies such a staggering salary? How does it compare to the average salary of a Novartis employee? Why do our pension funds, which are the majority shareholders, accept these overflows?


■ In Lausanne, 30 years old and a few cycle paths!

Sandro Patronaggio, member of the PLR ​​Lausanne Steering Committee

Since 1986, the city of Lausanne has become increasingly red. Red politically and red for its circulation. Indeed, since the left took the majority in the municipality and in the Communal Council of Lausanne, they have never ceased to offer mobility that is more respectful of the environment, which is basically a good thing. However, with a majority of thirty, what did they propose to the people of Lausanne? Nothing. However that does not prevent them from once again asking for the confidence of the citizens to apply the whole bicycle in the city center and to reduce to 30 km / h the maximum speed for motor vehicles.

My city deserves better than a few bike paths and flower boxes

As a result, instead of having used the last thirty years to prepare for this transition, today everyone must switch to cycling without a coherent reflection on the mobility of our capital. That said, I am unfair, because, it is true, the Greens of Lausanne are offering you to give up your car completely in exchange for a crash equivalent to the surface area of ​​a parking space. Finally, my city deserves better than a few bike paths and flower boxes. Lausanne needs to reconcile multimodal mobility with ambition in order to continue to be a city-center of international scope. Lausanne is a dynamic that infuses energy through its sports, academic and medical research institutions. If combustion engines are a problem, electric motors are already helping to reduce these nuisances, as our buses have been doing for decades. I am PLR and I want a city up to the challenges that await us.

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