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You wrote to us about … the Maudet affair, the debt in Geneva, the terraces of German-speaking stations

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On Pierre Maudet (1): You had to dare!

Raymond Joly, Geneva

While Pierre Maudet has just been convicted by the Police Court. That he knowingly lied to both authorities and citizens about his trip to Abu Dhabi. That it has greatly deteriorated collegial work within the Council of State, and given a lamentable image of the governance of Geneva. That within his last dicastery he overstepped the bounds by mistreating his collaborators, before resigning, and that we will soon await the report of Judge Fonjallaz’s audit. Pierre Maudet represents himself at the Council of State, under the label: “Justice and freedom”, two terms that he has flouted! And that without any irony!

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And to glean some support, opportunist to the end, he does not hesitate to ride the covid wave, to, he says, save small entrepreneurs. Make no mistake, we can bet that if he had remained in charge of the Economy, there is no doubt that he would have played this bad film of “Peter the Savior”. Finally, would the average citizen, with such a criminal record and such professional misconduct, keep his place of work? And would he find another job?

On Pierre Maudet (2): Groundhog day

Nadège Perdrizat, Geneva

Cinephiles will nostalgically remember this movie starring Bill Murray where the main character relived indefinitely the same day celebrating the groundhog in a little corner of America.

Since the covid crisis, Geneva has also been stuck in an eternal time loop. The one where its Council of State is unable to present an exit plan that holds up, nor to provide the population with a timetable to project themselves. From closings to closings, from blurry communications to inconsistent communications, the population has the impression of reliving the same waking nightmare every day. Restaurant owners, fitness bosses and artists are forced to wait without even having an expected date of recovery. On the part of our elected officials, it is scandalous when we know the amount of their remuneration and when we know that the fear of the next day will never devour their entrails.

The film ended with a happy ending; let’s make sure on March 7 to wake up a Council of State which takes pleasure in the role of the groundhog by putting in its paws the only person likely to shake it up and act: the Councilor of State that they have robbed .

On the debt in Geneva

Evan Schleret, Geneva

Today, long live the debt; tomorrow, we will stabilize; and the day after tomorrow, we will miraculously arrive at a lower level of expenditure than tax revenue. Or when magical thinking comes down to putting aside all of its liberal promises.

It is, in fact, in a recent opinion article that the Minister of Finance proceeded to a total reversal, trying to justify, by the covid, the colossal debt which does not cease increasing. Immediately dubbed by the president of the PS who nevertheless took the trouble to qualify the minister’s conclusion: “Not fully agreeing with the return to balance.”

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Thus, the elected PLR dared. Some would say that she has the courage to go beyond dogmas. Yes, but it’s a bit short. Because of vision, there is no question of it. If investments are mentioned, she is unable to say which ones. When we know that major infrastructure projects have been on hold for ages, just like the major reform of the State which would make it possible to absorb part of the debt, we are taken aback.

Mrs. Fontanet, as a liberal voter that I am, in my turn to shout a thought, failing to reckon with you: today, you are elected; tomorrow, maybe not …

The “good old Swiss” and the terraces

Jean Martin, Echandens (VD)

Very unusual in this country of love for laws (in general, our compatriots can easily take up this formula of theVaud hymn): in the last days of February, several cantonal governments went into illegality by leaving the terraces of mountain restaurants open.

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Even for those who judge that tolerance is a virtue, this calls out – and this is an understatement (I have had the opportunity abundantly, during my career, to know the hyperserious side, thoroughly at all costs, of our compatriots). The next amazement is to realize that it is the fact in particular of the Waldstätten… We cannot believe our ears.

And if they were French-speaking cantons …

Well, after trembling with disobedience to the federal government, our “dear and faithful Confederates” realized they were pushing the cap too far, in an indefensible populist explosion, and returned to the ranks. End of the episode (until the next one?). An interesting question, however: imagine what would have happened if it were the French-speaking cantons who had thus trampled on the constitutional and legal framework, which had assumed the figure of the Federal Council. The distinguished (and less distinguished) German press would have been delighted: an avalanche of harsh criticism of bad citizens, a lost honor (as has been said in the past), a call for the party to be placed under French-speaking tutelage of the country, and I pass… We would have seen and heard something.

Obesity: urgent action is needed!

Corinna Wirth, Director of Swiss Public Health

Thank you very much for this courageous testimony.

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Obesity is a chronic disease recognized by the WHO but often still unrecognized in Switzerland. That the doctor just advises to “lose a few pounds” to a woman who weighs 109 kilos illustrates how far we are still from a suitable and effective treatment in Switzerland! There are multiprofessional programs for obese children and adolescents, and there is an urgent need to develop similar programs for adult patients with obesity. More in-depth training in this area for health professionals would also be desirable.

Considering that 13% of the Swiss population suffers from obesity and that obesity is – besides age – the most important risk factor for a serious course of Covid-19 and which can also lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases , it is really urgent to act!

Anti semitism

Diana Krief, Geneva

Madame Nadia Sikorsky wrote a long article in her blog on Time referring to the release of the annual report on anti-Semitism in Switzerland and commenting on the despicable phenomenon facing our fellow citizens of the Jewish faith.

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Many comments supported his words and were saddened by this situation. In contrast, other reactions immediately prompted Israeli policies to explain or justify anti-Semitism. What intellectual poverty, what injustice done to these Swiss citizens. How does Israel’s policy affect them? Do they have any involvement in the decisions of a sovereign state? Are they voting? So why systematically this amalgamation? Could we imagine committing criminal acts against Swiss Catholics because we have grievances vis-à-vis the Vatican’s policy?

Another reaction to this message

Natascha Tartakovsky, Geneva

The press has widely relayed the release of the report on anti-Semitism by Cicad and it is with fear and dismay that I discover the extent of this phenomenon. As Nadia Sikorsky points out in his blog in Time, the safety of Jews is a state responsibility. The safety of Jews begins with sensitizing young people to hatred, racism, anti-Semitism and the dangers they represent for the balance and harmony of our society. This naturally involves teaching in schools and televised public debates. Even in our little Switzerland of common sense and proximity, we will not be able to avoid confronting the problem with realism and involvement.

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