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Women photographers, the end of artistic blur

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She glares at you and won’t stop there. Sequin dress, gun in cheek, the self-portrait of Pushpamala N., Indian plastic artist by trade, is an ultimatum: women photographers want their place in the history of this art, and deserve it. On the cover of this beautiful book, A Global History of Women Photographers (Ed. Textuel), the image sets the tone, that of a manifesto.

Since the invention of the photographic medium, there have been women photographers. This is evidenced by the poetic cyanotype of the British botanist Anna Atkins, printed in the first illustrated book in the mid-1840s, and which appears at the opening of this book. Luce Lebart and Marie Robert, historians and exhibition curators, gathered there to rehabilitate 300 artists unfairly excluded from the great story of photographic art.

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