Wolf Project, cosmetics for the face of men

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Until recently, men curious about taking care of their skin had little choice but to prick their partner’s tubes. It’s changing. Between the big names in the sector who create a range for the opposite sex, and celebrities like Pharrell Williams who are launching their own collection, men’s cosmetics are booming.

Former Brand Director at Procter & Gamble, Francesco urso followed this new market with interest. He lived in Asia with his wife, where the latter discovered the effectiveness of Korean fabric masks soaked in serum to leave on the face for a few minutes.

“When I tried one of his, I was surprised to see how these active concentrates have an immediate effect on wrinkles and radiance. This is what decided me to launch a brand, Wolf Project, focused on cloth masks for men. With a larger shape, a more porous fabric for rapid hydration and a light and effective serum that is suitable for our more oily skin, ”he explains.

Sustainable awareness

Convinced that only natural cosmetics, free from ingredients harmful to the skin and the environment, is the way to go, he seeks the best balance between the quality of the experience, the performance of the product and its non-toxicity. For now, two fabric masks, made of ecological bamboo charcoal, are available: a moisturizer suitable for all skin types, based on vitamin B3, witch Hazel, green tea, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid as well as a combination of amino acids; and a clay detox that cleanses the skin while revitalizing it with B3 vitamins (niacinamide), C and E. Bearded people can exclude the hairy part of the face by folding up the mask or cover it anyway to moisturize it too.

“The masks contain ten times more serum in a single use than a traditional daily cream, which explains the radiance effect after a 15-minute exposure. I hope that men will also see it as a moment of relaxation and lightness, as a couple or alone, which is so much needed at the moment ”, notes the founder, who first successfully launched Wolf Project on the market. United States. Two new products are planned for this year: an eye mask, concealer and anti-puffiness, as well as an anti-aging mask.

Wolf Project, range on sale from March 1 in all Manor stores in Switzerland.

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