With Fermentierra, the living sparkles in the jar

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We know the importance of intestinal microbiota, essential for the proper functioning of the brain and the regulation of moods. Lactofermentation is one of its precious allies. This ancestral method of conservation, which dates back to the Neolithic era, is now back in the spotlight, for its simplicity and efficiency. The nutritional properties of food are not only preserved, they are made more easily assimilated by our body, with these products enriched with minerals and probiotics beneficial for the intestinal flora and the immune system.

But the fermentation brings above all a full flavor, a pleasant tangy fragrance. It is for this reason that Laurent Cornu, brewer and baker, and Monica Hart, pastry chef and winegrower, have chosen to devote themselves to the preparation of these vitamin jars.

In a former family bakery at the foot of the Jura transformed into a workshop, this couple of gourmets works their organic vegetables according to the inspiration of the moment. They flavor the cabbage with cardamom and cinnamon or mix beetroot, cabbage and carrot, which they enhance with the freshness of juniper berries and caraway. Among their proposals is also a “seafood sauerkraut”, a seaweed tartare saturated with trace elements, or a preparation of candied lemon that goes well with almost anything and can be used in particular as a base of vinaigrette.

Always joyful and poetic, Fermentierra delivers on its website some advice on possible pairings. With their beautiful colors, these sour vegetables brighten up aperitifs and salads, but they are also recommended to accompany raclettes or fondues, because “the acidity comes to lighten the fat with its freshness, it awakens the taste buds”.

To teach the basics of lactofermentation, Monica and Laurent play nomads and organize friendly workshops during which they instill their ideas and inspirations. Everyone leaves with their own living cultures while listening to the gentle sound of bacteria celebrating in their carbonic magma.

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