Why should you avoid wearing an elastic band that is too tight around the wrist?

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Women and men with long hair are often used to wearing a rubber band around their wrist. This is a very practical way to keep this little object available at all times. However, several specialists have recently spoken about this practice, which is not without health risks.

Possible nerve damage

Do you often wear a hair elastic around your wrist? According to dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali of Hudson Dermatology & Laser Surgery in New York (United States), this would not be without risks. Asked in an article published by the HuffingtonPost United States on March 11, 2021, he advises to do not over tighten the elastic around the wrist to prevent impaired blood circulation. If the wrist turns white and cold around the elastic, this means that the blood is no longer able to circulate properly. It then becomes imperative to remove it in order to make the mark disappear quickly after a few minutes.

Working at the Institute of Neurology Medicine in New York City, neurologist Huma Sheikh also commented on the practice. According to this specialist, wearing something tight around the wrist can have unwanted consequences. This is because there are many nerves, veins and other tendons around the wrist area. However, all these small people can find themselves compressed, in proportion to the compression induced by the elastic. The person may then feel tingling and / or numbness. If the elastic is not quickly removed, there may be nerve damage due to tetany caused by the low flow of blood.

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A risk of allergic skin reaction to the elastic

The HuffingtonPost US also interviewed dermatologist Rina Allawh of the Schweiger Dermatology Group in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She explained the possibility of seeing a allergic skin reaction. In fact, there are components such as rubber, nickel and dyes in the elastic. Allergic reactions such as a pinkish, scaly rash can then occur and leave residual marks on the skin.

However, when the elastic exerts too much pressure around the wrist, it can cut the skin. This is admittedly a small injury, however there is a infectious risk due to the presence of bacteria. This is all the more true if the elastic is not cleaned. So, the best thing to do is to get into the habit of not wearing it around your wrist. he is also possible to wear a looser one, wash or change on a regular basis.

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