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Why is it not so obvious to play sports at home?

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During periods of confinement, the population is advised to maintain a certain physical form. Often this involves playing sports at home. And while teens tend to move less and less, one study suggests they tend to be even less physically active at home than outside.

Teens in the throes of a sedentary lifestyle

Adolescents are increasingly concerned with obesity. However, one of the reasons for this problem is that they adopt more and more sedentary behaviors. In these times of pandemic, restrictive measures such as containment are obviously not helping. In any case, this is what US researchers reveal in their study published in the journal International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity April 15, 2021. According to these studies, adolescents are less active when they are inside, but also when they are alone.

Scientists have in fact submitted questionnaires to adolescents by means of a notification on their smartphone. These shipments were random, but took place once a day for a week. The aim was to find out where he was and with whom half an hour before the notification was received. At the same time, the participants were equipped with an accelerometer in order to analyze their level of physical activity. This device made it possible to measure the number of movements as well as their intensity over a defined period of time.

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Arrange a space for unwinding indoors

The least we can say is that the results were not very encouraging. On average, when teens are indoors and / or alone, the accelerometer shows less physical activity. According to the researchers, this can be explained by the fact that parents consider their interior as a quiet play space, reading or using electronic devices. However, these activities are generally practiced alone and without agitation. Since parents have this kind of consideration, this can affect the layout even from their interior, more conducive to rest and relaxation.

Normally, the solution is obvious: go to a gym or join a club. However, current health measures complicate matters, so much so that sedentary behaviors are more numerous. According to the researchers, there is still a way to get around the problem by arranging an area in the home if possible. specially dedicated to unwinding and sport. Group activities are also recommended for those living with their relatives.


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