WHO seeks coronavirus intermediary animal and again plays its credibility

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International experts recently dispatched to China to investigate the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic “unveil” on Tuesday the details of their conclusions, which favor transmission via an intermediate animal, without it being able to be identified at this stage , announcement Agence France-Presse (AFP). This joint report by experts from World Health Organization (WHO) and China follows a mission on the origins of the transmission of the virus to humans, deemed extremely important in an attempt to better fight a possible next epidemic, carried out in the field from January 14 to February 9.

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These conclusions will be presented in Geneva in a virtual press conference at the beginning of the afternoon and, according to the elements of the report which several media obtained a copy on Monday, its authors consider this transmission of the virus to humans by an intermediate animal ” probable to very probable ”, while the hypothesis of a laboratory incident is, on the contrary, qualified as“ extremely improbable ”. This, despite the accusations of the former head of the main federal public health agency in the United States, Robert Redfield. This does not prevent basic anti-Chinese reflexes anyway, while the pangolin seems “exonerated”: