Who killed the Greek journalist Giorgos Karaïvaz?

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“Giorgos Karaïvaz has served journalism with ethics and integrity for more than 25 years,” declared the Union of Greek Journalists (Esiea) after the assassination of the famous court columnist on Friday 9 April. He had just appeared on the daily show The Truth with Zina, on the Star TV channel. The man had also founded a news site, Bloko, on which his colleagues wrote: “Some have chosen to silence him, and use bullets to prevent him from writing his articles.”

Did he know too much? Many who knew him think so. “He was a good guy and a serious journalist,” says Panos Sompolos, retired legal columnist and ex-president of Esiea, when he mentions this 52-year-old journalist, father of a son. Then he asks: “Perhaps he was preparing a disturbing article?” The last cases Giorgos Karaïvaz investigated all related to the functioning of the state.