Where does static electricity come from and how to avoid it?

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This phenomenon surprises each time it occurs, moreover very often in winter. Although it does not represent a danger in itself, static electricity is not very appreciable. And yet, it is really very easy to avoid it.

Why is it happening?

Voluntarily experiencing static electricity is not complicated. For example, you just need to rub a plastic ruler on a woolen garment. However, most of the time, this phenomenon happens suddenly and surprises with its “clack” or its crackling sparks. This is the case, for example, when kissing someone, when closing the car door or removing clothing (eg a hat). The point is that static electricity is electricity like any other. On the other hand, the difference is in the tension. This is extremely low, much lower in the overwhelming majority of other types of electrocution. However, this tension is so low that it does not represent no danger to our bodies.

This phenomenon occurs during friction between two materials normally neutral, that is to say having as many positive charges as negative charges. However, one of the two materials “snatches” electrons from the other on contact. So, one has a negative charge and the other has a positive charge.

Credit: Sean McGrath / Wikipedia

How to avoid it?

You should know that static electricity occurs more often in winter. In reality, it all depends on the clothes you wear. Indeed, synthetic materials and wool are more capable – compared to cotton – of losing electrons. Another reason: cold winter air is drier than summer. However, static electricity tends to occur more in the absence of moisture.

Some tips exist for guard against these weak discharges electric, according to Consoglobe. For example, it is a question of avoiding the association of clothes made of cotton and wool or other materials which can “clash”. A little advice for people with a cap: spraying a little hairspray in it helps to avoid straightening the hair on the head.

Since the lack of humidity is one of the components of the problem, equip yourself with an air humidifier or installing plants can have a positive effect. Same thing when you nourish your hair and hydrate your skin (especially your hands). On the shoe side, leather soles are preferable to rubber ones. Finally, it is advisable to pour a little vinegar in the washing machine and / or baking soda before switching on.

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