When the blue wave joins the purple wave: the Neuchâtel surprise

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Women take their revenge. Three weeks ago, they lost their only seat in the Valais government. In Neuchâtel, there was great concern that voters would follow the very bad example of Valais. Indeed, the only woman sitting on the Council of State, the socialist Monika Maire-Hefti, did not stand for re-election.

At the end of this first round, the purple wave is confirmed. Former PS president Florence Nater finishes just after the three outgoing. As for the big surprise of the day, it is also feminine: the young PLR Crystel Graf obtains an unexpected 5th place.

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This lawyer embodying an uninhibited right has a real chance of tipping the government to the right. In Neuchâtel, the purple wave remains, on the other hand it is a blue wave which takes the upper hand over the green wave that many expected. The Neuchâtel PLR achieves an excellent result. With the rise of Crystel Graf, but also the confirmation of Alain Ribaux and Laurent Favre. Both finished at the head of this first lap. Their role as a minority is therefore absolutely not a handicap at the polls. On the contrary. The liberal-radicals have therefore succeeded in combining experience and ambitious youth.

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Congratulations from Petra Gössi

The party’s success is also confirmed at the Grand Council where it largely remains the canton’s leading force. These victories are of great interest to the president of the Swiss PLR, Petra Gössi, who said she was very proud of the list presented by the PLR.

It is not every day that the Schwyzoise can celebrate electoral successes. What is the Neuchâtel recipe from which it should be inspired? The party, long embodied by Didier Burkhalter, has always been centrist and unifying, it has never approached the SVP. Within it, the left wing and the wing more to the right respect each other. The training chaired by Fabio Bongiovanni also focused its campaign on employment. With the crisis, this has paid off and should inspire the party elsewhere in the country. In terms of the environment, the Neuchâtel liberal-radicals have also shown themselves to be more progressive than their counterparts in the other cantons.

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Etiolation of the Greens

The other lesson of these elections is the etiolation of the Greens. They grow up very quickly and lack political staff. The environmentalist candidate, the not very charismatic Roby Tschopp, was by far not unanimous within his party, but no one was jostling at the gate.

Will the left cousins ​​manage to mend and leave united in the second round? This is their only chance if they want to keep a government with a left majority.