when a public health agency recommended masturbation

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In the United States last year, the New York Public Health agency made a rather startling recommendation. Indeed, to people fearing contamination during sex, she advised masturbation. At a time when romantic relationships are more complicated than ever, this recommendation still valid today means that, from a personal point of view, we are our most secure partner.

A very serious recommendation

Each of us will have noted it: the current Covid-19 pandemic has complicated everything, even our romantic relationships. Whether we are a couple or single, we are all practically in the same boat. Containment measures, curfews and other movement restrictions have been undermined this type of relationship. Certain practices such as teleworking have also contributed. According to recent studies, making a habit of working in your bedroom would indeed be harmful for sexuality in addition to sleep.

Did you know that from the onset of the epidemic in the United States about a year ago, the New York health agency made a rather surprising recommendation? As explained New York Daily News at the end of March 2020, this agency simply advised to indulge in masturbation. However, this recommendation was anything but a joke.

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Still valid today

Around the world, fear had gripped countless numbers of citizens facing the coronavirus. The point is, social distancing does not take into account our needs sex and that many feared contamination. The New York health agency then made a brand new slogan: “You are your safest sex partner”. The aim was to continue to have sex while avoiding contamination. It was also about allowing couples separated by distance to continue to maintain their desire, with a lot of video calls and sex toys, whose sales have also increased in a big way. At the time, masturbation seemed to be the safest option and can still be today, given the current situation.

The same goes for singles, while bars and other nightclubs were and still are closed. Indeed, the curfew is still in effect, especially in France. The prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes even recently announced a containment in force during the weekend on the coast of the department. Finally, remember that the tests have become more democratic and the vaccination campaign is underway. So some couples may have relaxed for a few weeks. Nevertheless, vigilance remains in order, especially for single people. They must therefore comply with the measures while taking their troubles patiently.

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