WhatsApp hypocrisy is impressive

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WhatsApp looks like Calimero these days. “It’s too unfair, it’s the fault of others, and especially not mine”, that’s basically what the messaging says. A few days ago, the Facebook-owned company posted a surrealist text on his blog. The subject has always been the same for weeks: sending certain information from its users to its parent company. We remember that this transfer, which was to take place on February 8, was postponed to May 15, following the incomprehension of many users in the face of these measures.

But it’s not our fault, writes WhatsApp. “We have discovered a great deal of misinformation regarding this update and continue to do our utmost to clear up any possible confusion,” the courier said. “We thought about what we could have done differently in relation to this situation,” writes WhatsApp, without questioning ourselves at any time. “We will do even more in the future to make sure our voices are heard clearly,” the courier also said.