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Western sanctions against China, small strike and big contracts

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A French researcher treated on Twitter as a “small strike” by the Chinese ambassador in Paris, sanctions taken against Beijing by Westerners for the first time since 1989 in retaliation for Chinese sanctions against ten MEPs, an online press conference from the Chinese ambassador to Bern summoned to speak ill of the new diplomatic strategy envisaged by Switzerland … Unusual and tense events are jostling, and “Sino-European relations are at daggers drawn”, EUObserver title this morning, after the passes of arms which followed one another on Monday all day.

Unprecedented sanctions since 1989 …

The words of the US secretary of state Anthony blinken are repeated in all the press: “genocide and crimes against humanity” against the minority of Uighurs, in Xinjiang. “The West has shamed China over the persecution of the Uighurs, resumes EUObserver, in a demonstration of solidarity which pushed China to retaliate against MEPs […] It was the Europeans who started the ball rolling by pronouncing visa bans and holding freezes against four leaders and one entity in the Xinjiang region. The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada then followed, the West showing a united front rarely seen under Donald Trump and in times of Brexit. “

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