VIVI Friulane, from gondoliers to the fashion world

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The Friulian were originally homemade. In Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the peasant women made them by recovering all the materials at their disposal. For the fabric of the shoe, they reused offcuts, from old tablecloths to curtains, while jute bags and bicycle tires came to compose the sole.

In its long history – traces of it can be found already in the 19th century – this tradition has spread to Venice, where it was used in particular by the gondolier but also by the nobility of the Serenissima, by taking the name of scarves or bean.

Virginia Vialmin contributes to the success of these slippers now fashionable (because also offered by some Italian brands) with its own brand VIVI Friulane. Vaudoise of Italian origin, she intends to take the opportunity to highlight a region little known outside the Italian borders.

“I have been going to Frioul every year since I was born. Even today, at 27 years old, I need to go back there regularly, to find my grandmother and to walk, blissfully, on the bridges of the small enchanting villages of Polcenigo or Sacile, crossed by the rivers Testamento or Livenza . I always used to bring back Friulian, for my family and friends. That’s why, at a certain point, the idea of ​​launching my brand came naturally. ”

In September 2020, just after finishing her studies at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, the young woman officially launched her line of shoes. Handcrafted near the city of Udine, they are available with a more rounded or pointed tip. It is only the different colors offered that distinguish male models or women presented on the site.

“I have decided to reproduce the original model in velvet and also plan a variant in canvas for the summer. Materials are recovered to make the sole. The only change made is to increase comfort, thanks to a mini heel and a foam pad inside. ”

LIVE Friulane, customer service 10 am-6pm on tel. 079 282 00 79, 120 fr. Find all the articles in the “One day, an idea“.