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Vincents – The Time

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Ah! Finally a small, normal and fresh subject, non-pandemic, non-gendered, non-racialized. A nugget with fleur de sel in the soft caramel of the news, of those on which the chroniclers were nourished, when they wanted to bite into their teeth. I almost forgot the flavor, thank you to whom it may concern.

Vincents is the sheet metal worker of French-speaking humor. Two-headed hydra from an ongoing mythology, it makes us laugh in 120 seconds, 52 minutes, a little more or a little less, I lost count a long time ago. When I say we, it’s me, maybe you, but enough people so you know who I’m talking about. Sometimes Vincents is called Gilles Surchat or Serge Jacquet. The other day, his name was Romain Cajeux. And not everyone liked it.

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