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Vegetable scent – Le Temps

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The green and aquatic freshness of cucumber was known in certain summer wakes, such as Calvin Klein’s CK One waters. Or the herbaceous notes of the tomato leaf, which Sisley’s Eau de Campagne was the first to release in 1977, followed by Annick Goutal’s Folavril four years later. Since the 2010s, these vegetable pallets have been increasingly present in perfumery. B. Balenciaga by Balenciaga, launched in 2014, puts the peas in the lead. Last year, Fabulous Me by Paco Rabanne revealed a rhubarb-pumpkin accord reminiscent of the thick, mealy flesh of cucurbits.

“Vegetable notes are part of our playground, for example I love working with beets, but this was not communicated until recently,” explains Alexandra Carlin, perfumer at Symrise. If brands talk more about it, or even ask us in their brief, it is because it corresponds to the current values ​​linked to simple things, to nature, to the know-how of yesteryear and to the growing interest in cooked. We can say that vegetables have gained a certain nobility. “

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