Vaud postpones second dose of vaccine to six weeks

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This 84-year-old Vaudois wrote to us: “I have just received a notice informing me that my second dose, which was supposed to have infected me four weeks after the first, would be postponed by two weeks due to a delay in the delivery of the vaccines”. He is worried. Would this delay jeopardize the effectiveness of the injection?

“Protection comes 10 to 15 days after the first injection – the body is already making antibodies. But to be better protected for a few months, you have to receive a second injection about four weeks after the first “, answers the State of Vaud in its Frequently Asked Questions, specifying that” if the time between the two is a little longer, that does not affect efficiency ”.

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The canton’s official website responds precisely to the situation of this interlocutor. “The appointment was changed due to a delay in vaccine delivery, as you have probably heard or read in the media. But this does not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine, nor its safety. On the contrary: lengthening the interval between the two doses can only improve the immune response. We remind you that the protection 14 days after the first dose is already greater than 90%. The second is especially useful for increasing the duration of protection (and making it last no doubt beyond six months, but to date scientists lack perspective to be more precise). The WHO (World Health Organization) and the FOPH recommend an interval of 3 to 6 weeks between the two injections, whether it is Pfizer’s vaccine or Moderna’s. The Canton of Vaud therefore remains aligned with these directives ”, we can read.

36,973 people have been vaccinated in the canton of Vaud since December 28, 2020. Only 1,430 have received their second dose.

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