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Under the radar, Microsoft is building its empire with billions

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A very discreet director, a sector of activity that seems sluggish, a dusty image… No, at first glance, Microsoft is not a flashy and conquering tech giant. Still associated with Windows and the Office office suite, the group headed by Satya Nadella is only rarely cited as the “M” of GAFAM, which is Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. And yet, silently, Microsoft is devouring the digital space, enticing investors – the stock has jumped, in a year, from $ 165 to $ 255.

Monday, the group thus swallowed the American company Nuance for 19.7 billion dollars. Known initially for its dictation software for professionals, this firm now specializes in artificial intelligence, its voice recognition systems being used in particular in telemedicine. With this acquisition, Microsoft is therefore making a breakthrough in health, a field seen as the next gold mine for tech giants.

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