Ukraine challenged by the Russian information war

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Old Avdiivka is one of the places in Donbass most exposed to bombing. This interlacing of old brick houses, populated by dogs, cats and a few humans, is located just behind the Promzone, the old industrial park, a Ukrainian fortified position almost contiguous to the city of Donetsk. But paradoxically, it is closer to the front line that we know the least about the ongoing conflict.

“Quite honestly, I don’t understand much of what’s going on. But if the Russian army arrives, of course I have my plan B, ”smiles Oleksiy Savkevich, a 42-year-old trained translator, who repairs a bicycle in his garden. “Friday evening, I heard two detonations: in my opinion, in my ear, it was shots coming from our home (Ukrainian side, ed), several years of experience have taught us that in these cases there , we very quickly receive shells in the head, so we left. ”