Uighurs: Beijing retaliates and sanctions British personalities and entities

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The Chinese government announced on Friday sanctions against nine British personalities, including high-ranking parliamentarians, as well as four entities accused of “spreading lies” about human rights in Xinjiang.

These sanctions follow the sanctions taken simultaneously by the European Union and several countries (Great Britain, United States, Canada) against Chinese officials accused of carrying out a crackdown against Uighur Muslims in this region of northwest China. .

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Beijing had already announced similar sanctions earlier this week against ten EU figures, including members of the European Parliament, as well as four entities.

The Conservative Party Human Rights Commission concerned

In both cases, the personalities targeted as well as their families are prohibited from entering Chinese soil, including Hong Kong or Macao, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Their possible assets in China are frozen and Chinese citizens are prohibited from entering into business relations with them.

Among the entities involved are the Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission (the formation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson), as well as former party leader Iain Duncan Smith and MP Tom Tugendhat, who heads the commission. House of Commons Foreign Affairs.

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