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UFO dives into ocean in new US Navy footage

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US director Jeremy Corbell recently shared footage of a UFO plunging into the ocean off San Diego, California. The Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of these images, which are currently under review.

Filmed by an infrared camera, an unidentified spherical flying object (UFO) hovers in the air, appears to move rapidly from left to right before stopping and slowly descending into the water. These images, recorded on a monitor of the USS Omaha’s Combat Information Center (the ship’s tactical center) by an infrared camera, were recently shared by UFO hunter and American director Jeremy Corbell.

According to Corbell, the footage was filmed on July 15, 2019, around 11 p.m. PT near the San Diego coast. It also evokes a spherical-shaped UFO measuring approximately two meters in diameter flying at speeds ranging from 74 to 254 km / h. Its flight, according to him, would have lasted more than an hour before the object disappeared from the screen. Finally, no wreckage was found on the spot.

A submarine was deployed but it did not recover anything ”, writes Corbell. “We don’t know what, if anything, the Navy or the Pentagon would say about the USS Omaha incident. We look forward to any information that may be provided ”.

The Pentagon confirms

Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough, for her part, confirmed that US Navy personnel had indeed captured these images, reports The feedback. On the other hand, no information was communicated on the supposed date of this event, nor on the place of the meeting.

The spokeswoman also points out that these images are currently under review by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), a program of the US Office of Naval Intelligence that investigates reports of aerial vehicles. unexplained.

Other revelations related to this event could be proposed in the coming weeks. A new Pentagon UFO report will indeed normally be released next June. In the meantime, remember that more than 2,700 pages of reports declassified by the CIA dating from the 1980s are now available online, under the Freedom of Information Act. All can be downloaded in PDF format directly here.

Last year, the Pentagon also released three videos of “unexplained phenomena” involving unidentified flying objects, all recorded in 2004 and 2015 by fighter pilots.


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