Two new countries will soon try to land on the Moon

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Rashid rover will be delivered to the moon’s surface in 2022 by HAKUTO-R, a lander built in Japan by the company ispace. This will be a first for both countries.

To date, only three countries have smoothly landed a spacecraft on the moon: the United States, the Soviet Union, and China. Since then, others have tried, but they have had problems, like India or Israel. Next year, two more countries will try their luck: the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

The UAE had initially announced their lunar exploration project for 2024. Ultimately, this mission is advanced two years. The objective will be to send a rover named Rashid in an equatorial zone (the final site has not yet been announced).

On site, the little ten-kilo robot with four wheels will study its environment for at least one lunar day, or about fourteen Earth days, using a high-resolution camera, a thermal camera, a microscopic imager. and a Langmuir probe. The latter instrument could help scientists better understand the electrically charged environment on the lunar surface.

A collaboration with Japan

According to members of the mission team, the lunar robot Rashid will be delivered to the lunar surface by HAKUTO-R, a lander built by the Japanese company ispace.

The whole world will watch our commercial lander transport the Rashid rover to the moonIspace founder and CEO Takeshi Hakamada said. “We are pleased and honored to advance the UAE-Japan collaboration in space exploration, as well as to inspire more collaborations for lunar exploration between the public and commercial sectors across the globe.“.

Artist’s representation of the HAKUTO-R lander on the surface of the Moon. Credit: ispace

According to representatives of ispace, the launch of this mission should be done aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Founded in 2010, the Japanese company is also planning a second lunar mission in 2023 with the deployment of another rover. Subsequently, ispace aims to increase the frequency of its lunar landings in order to transport payloads on behalf of customers.

Our landers will deploy swarms of rovers on the lunar surface to become pioneers in the discovery and development of lunar resources, enabling the steady development of the lunar industry and human presence on the moon.“, Can we read in a press release.

The United Arab Emirates recently shone a light by sending the country’s first robotic probe into orbit around Mars. The vessel, dubbed “Hope,” recently aired magnificent views on the red planet.

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