Two initiatives to green agriculture

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The Swiss campaigns will take center stage in the coming months. In question, two initiatives on which we will vote on June 13: “For clean drinking water and healthy food” and “For a Switzerland free of synthetic pesticides”. What is it about? Overview of the main issues.

What do these initiatives require and who initiated them?

Filed in 2018, the two popular proposals have a common goal: to quickly green agriculture. Short for “clean water initiative”, the first is the work of one person: Franziska Herren, a fitness teacher in Wiedlisbach, a small town located in the north of the canton of Bern. This fiftieth anniversary gathered 100,000 signatures behind an idea: to condition direct payments to farmers. Has three criteria: production “without pesticides”, the obligation to feed animals with fodder “produced on the farm”, and the prohibition to administer antibiotics to animals “for prophylaxis” or ” regular ”.