Trump and the rights of people with mental health problems

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A free opinion of Stéphanie Baggio, doctor in psychology, and Eric Luke, psychiatrist-psychotherapist, recently published by Time (January 19, 2021), poses on Donald Trump a psychiatric diagnosis which leads to regret that constitutional law does not allow “to act against people with mental disorders”, “if necessary against their will”, and that in the name of a “duty of prevention of psychic slippages ”.

Pro Mente Sana cannot remain unresponsive to a call to deny the citizenship of certain people on the basis of a psychiatric diagnosis, whatever the manner, ethical or not, in which it is made. That this appeal be launched about a character as little nuanced as Donald Trump does not exempt us from respecting the rule of law under which no one must be discriminated against because of a mental disability (article 8 of the Constitution federal). In addition, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which entered into force in Switzerland on May 15, 2014, guarantees persons with disabilities the enjoyment of political rights and the possibility of exercising them on an equal basis with others (article 29 CDPH). We can also recall in this regard that the people of Geneva recently reinstated people with disabilities in their political rights.