Three rockets target Americans at Baghdad airport

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Three rockets fell on the night of Thursday to Friday on Baghdad airport, where American soldiers are stationed.

The projectiles hit the section of the air base occupied by Iraqi troops, who share space with soldiers deployed by Washington as part of the anti-jihadist coalition, a security service official said on condition of anonymity. . An Iraqi soldier was injured.

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The attack was not immediately claimed, but Washington regularly accuses Iraqi armed groups close to Iran, the enemy of the United States, of targeting its troops and diplomats in Iraq.

Twenty attacks since Biden’s inauguration

This is the second rocket attack targeting Americans in less than a week. On Sunday, five rockets targeted another air base north of Baghdad, injuring three Iraqi soldiers and two foreign contractors.

In total, around twenty bomb or rocket attacks have targeted bases housing American soldiers or American diplomatic representations since Joe Biden came to power at the end of January. And dozens more have taken place since fall 2019 under the government of his White House predecessor, Donald Trump.

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These shots are sometimes claimed by obscure groups, in reality false noses of pro-Iran armed groups that have long been present in the country, experts say. They quote the speeches of their leaders who regularly threaten to “strike more often and harder” the 2,500 American soldiers still stationed in Iraq.

On April 7, Washington and Baghdad resumed their “strategic dialogue”, which should give rise to a timetable for the withdrawal of the international coalition that came to fight the Islamic State (IS) in 2014. If the two parties ensure that they agree on the principle, however, its implementation could take years, assure officials on both sides.