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This platform allows non-priority people to be vaccinated with unused doses

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Recently, an application called “Covidliste” is talking about her. The latter connects vaccination volunteers with pharmacists, doctors or vaccination centers. The goal? Ensure that unused doses find takers.

Nearly a million registered

A few days ago, we mentioned the Institut Pasteur’s projections on the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in France. Some scenarios are quite optimistic and others much less. In all cases, the sequence of events depends on the campaign results vaccination with the possible lifting of measures and the start of a return to normal life.

However, pharmacists, doctors and other vaccination centers often still have a few doses after the day of vaccination. Launched a few weeks ago, the Covidlist platform is to ensure that these doses do not go to waste. It has also become the larger waiting list for vaccination in France with 1,161,683 registered at the time of this writing.

The objective of Covidliste is therefore to put vaccination volunteers in touch with the various establishments having doses of the vaccine. For the moment, 141,099 subscribers were contacted by 1,598 vaccination centers for 11,033 confirmed appointments. And those numbers are growing every day. When a professional notices the presence of unused doses, he can use Covidliste to easily find volunteers. They then receive a notification by e-mail. The closest registrants are also contacted by SMS.


A complement to the vaccine strategy

“I know I’m not a priority given my age. But if it can avoid wasting a dose, when I come home from work, I can take a detour to get vaccinated, that doesn’t bother me ”, said Guillaume Jund, 32, in an article by France Blue.

Thus, the doses find takers, which allows professionals to avoid losses and at the same time to satisfy individuals who do not have priority at the base. Covidliste therefore wants to be complementary to the vaccine strategy in order to achieve collective immunity more quickly, and this, with an efficient flow of vaccine doses.

Finally, you should know that Covidliste is a voluntary initiative. This platform is the result of the collaboration between Martin Daniel (data scientist), Mathieu Ripert (engineer) and Dr Antoine Roux (pulmonologist). After the launch of the project, more than a hundred people joined it. These are volunteers, IT developers, communicators, legal specialists and designers.


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