This Muslim school that the mayor of Albertville does not want

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It is a district that grew on the outskirts of Albertville in the 1970s. With its dull residential area and further on, its row of somewhat decrepit buildings. On one side are the gardens of the middle class, on the other the floors of the workers. Between the two, the Fatih mosque, a very colorful building (saffron, salmon, brick).

The young man who is asked if he can guide us to the imam turns around smiling: “The imam, it’s me.” Twenty-eight years old, born in Annecy, married with three daughters, studied theology at Marmara University in Istanbul. Archetype of the religious that the Islam of France sends today to its mosques. A page turns: bearded octogenarians preaching in classical Arabic inaudible to young people give way on the minbar (pulpit) to thirty-something intellectuals with diplomas and who declaim in French, literary Arabic and other languages.