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this movement simulator is already a huge success!

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Three years ago, a Hungarian startup presented its first motion simulator. The goal? Enabling users to have a richer virtual reality experience. Recently, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign that far exceeded the set targets.

A resoundingly successful campaign

Many companies manufacture hardware to supplement the usual VR headsets. Their goal is improve the user experience. Let us quote for example the concepts Ekto One and Teslasuit Glove, which are respectively robotic boots and gloves allowing a better immersion in virtual reality. In 2018, the Hungarian start-up Yaw VR presented its first motion simulator. According to the creators, it is about a solution capable of improving the feeling of immersion in the case of virtual experiences requiring a user in a sitting position.

Recently, Yaw VR launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. While this ends in 28 days, the start-up has already raised over $ 1.3 million, when the initial goal was only $ 100,000. In addition, this campaign concerns the Yaw2, which is none other than the second version of the prototype presented in 2018.

Between its first presentation and its recent crowdfunding campaign, Yaw VR has therefore made some changes. Previously, the simulator was shaped like a half dome, but now it is more spacious and displays a much more professional design. This Yaw2, aimed at video game enthusiasts, can also be used as an office or relaxation chair.

Credit: Yaw VR / Kickstarter

A simulator available in three versions

One of the arguments of the creators is the resolution of a recurring problem in terms of virtual reality: motion sickness. It is also the biggest flaw of this technology since he started. It is a question of motion sickness, that is to say motion sickness generating in users a feeling of nausea.

In addition, you should know that the support can rotate up to 40 ° for roll and up to 70 ° for pitch movements. We also mention an optional module – the Yaw Platform – allowing a 360 ° rotation. In addition, the simulator comes in three versions: Standard, Pro and Pro Arcade.

Finally, the Yaw2 is compatible with most helmets VR market such as the Valve Index, the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive but also the PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality. Depending on the model, the starting price will be between $ 1,490 and $ 2,020.


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