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This mini wind turbine can be taken and mounted anywhere in 15 minutes!

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When we think of wind turbines, we directly think of these enormous turbines nearly a hundred meters high. They are usually found near fields, on hills or offshore. And yet, there has recently been a portable mini-wind turbine that can be assembled very quickly. The start-up that imagined it describes it as ideal for outdoor recreation such as hiking or for home use in a garden.

A portable mini-wind turbine

The wind turbine is a very imposing structure and often associated with gigantic projects. The latest evidence is none other than South Korea’s massive offshore wind farm project. This will see the light of day by 2030 and will be the largest in the world with a maximum capacity of 8.2 gigawatts (GW) or the energy produced by six nuclear power plants. If we often associate the wind turbine with gigantism, the Danish start-up KiteX recently unveiled a portable wind turbine: the Wind Catcher. This innovation is the subject of a campaign on the platform Kickstarter.

It is about a structure of ten kilograms to assemble in just fifteen minutes. This is planted in the ground via three guy ropes attached to straps (nylon) anchored to stakes. Once in place, the structure measures 4 m high and its diameter is also 4 m.

Credit: KiteX / Kickstarter

Two versions available

Obviously, because of its reduced dimensions, its power does not break through the ceilings. However, the Wind Catcher wind turbine exists in two versions. The first delivers a power of 200 watts for winds at 5.5 m / s and the second, 600 watts for winds of 8 m / s. In its lightest version, the wind turbine can charge a mini-fridge, a coffee maker, a laptop or even an electric bicycle. If the electricity produced is directly usable, it seems best to connect the wind turbine to a battery. This setup can come in handy when camping or even in a garden.

Remember that there are already models of portable solar panels, which hikers and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts use. However, KiteX explains that these panels produce 25 watts per kilo of material while the Wind Catcher produces more than double. On the other hand, this wind turbine has some drawbacks. This generates a noise whose intensity is still moderate, but above all, it requires a minimum vent of 4 m / s.

Although there are only a few days until the end of the crowdfunding campaign, KiteX has already reached its target set at 53,000 euros. Those interested can participate and purchase the 200 W version for less than 1,000 euros and the 600 W version for around 1,350 euros.


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