This man wanted to “blow up the Internet” with a bomb!

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Cyber ​​attacks targeting institutions, businesses and of course individuals are legion. Nevertheless, in the United States, an individual was recently about to attempt something rather unheard of. The man is in fact preparing for a bomb attack on a data center with the aim of destroying 70% of the global Internet.

A good old bomb

Sidelining websites is a snap for many hackers. All you need is a denial of service (DDoS) attack. This makes it possible to transform thousands of machines into a kind of zombies which together quite simply go saturate bandwidth. Let us also mention the “traditional” computer virus. In the 2000s, the virus I love you had blocked over 45 million users in the world.

On the other hand, what to do when you have too little computer knowledge? As an article by Vice News, Seth Aaron Pendley, a 28-year-old Texan, has chosen a much more “vintage” method. Police apprehended him as he was planning a bomb attack against an Amazon data center located in the state of Virginia.

Wiretapped, Seth Aaron Pendley had said he wanted to disable Amazon’s web servers. According to him, the giant provides information to the CIA, the FBI and other federal agencies. He also said he wanted to bring down the oligarchy currently in power in the United States.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons / BalticServers

Destroy 70% of the world’s internet

Visibly strongly steeped in conspiratorial ideas and paranoia, Seth Aaron Pendley had also boasted on Facebook to have participated in the riots on the Capitol in January 2021. The police recovered certain messages in which the man said he had broken a window in the building or even brought a gun automatic that he had finally left in his car. A friend of his quickly alerted the FBI about his proposed attack on Amazon. This same friend said he was frightened by exchanges on the site, in which extremists of all stripes come together to discuss their theories.

According to the FBI, Seth Aaron Pendley began using the Signal encrypted messaging app after the Capitol riots. He explained to one of his contacts that he wanted to obtain four loaves of explosive with the aim of blowing up 70% of the global Internet. However, this person was an undercover FBI agent. Now apprehended, the man could never have attacked such a large part of the Internet anyway. This is because Amazon data centers operate in a network and their distribution is global, respecting the very principle of the Internet.

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