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this French laboratory has developed a promising treatment against the disease

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While vaccines are struggling to impose themselves after being long overdue, a Nantes-based laboratory claims to have developed a drug against Covid-19. This treatment may be the subject of large-scale production. However, it is incumbent to wait for the green light from the French Medicines Agency as well as pre-orders from the French State.

A treatment being validated

For more than a year, the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to claim victims and disrupt the daily life of the living. Since January 2021, the vaccines are finally available but several details mean that it is not yet a solution to the health crisis, at least in France. In fact, vaccinations are carried out by age category and the delivery of doses is subject to uncertainties. We should also mention the current controversy around the AstraZeneca vaccine. Let us also mention the fact that active people – that is to say workers – are still not affected through vaccination.

In the face of this situation, there may be hope. In a newsletter published in March 2021, the Xenothera laboratory based in Nantes spoke of its coronavirus drug SARS-CoV-2. Odile Duvaux, president of this establishment, commented on the results of the first phase of the clinical trial. According to the applicant, the drug in question is effective and claims to receive a temporary authorization of use from the National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM).

Credit: Xenothera

A possible large-scale manufacturing

Nantes CHU7 led the first phase of the clinical trial of this drug – Xav-19. Tested on 398 patients in 35 hospitals, the treatment shows polyclonal antibodies. It is a cocktail of antibodies whose mission is to attack the coronavirus. However, the results of the first phase have not been published and Odile Duvaux explained why in an article published by France 3 Regions March 25, 2021.

“It is a precautionary principle that applies almost everywhere in the world. However, in the face of this epidemic, England and most of the other countries publish the results of their studies within one month of the end of the trials. “

While Xenothera waits for authorization from the ANSM, she is also waiting for pre-orders from the French state and possibly other countries. Should these conditions come together, the Xav-19 could well be the subject of large-scale production. Obviously, this treatment does not prevent Covid-19 and is not intended to replace vaccines. On the other hand, treat the disease in case of infection is a very interesting promise with the aim of avoiding more deaths, while waiting for the vaccination campaigns to reach their goal.


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