This famous Apple car fantasy

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This is arguably the biggest tech mystery of recent years: Apple’s entry into the gigantic automotive market. And it is also, it must be admitted, a fantasy of many fans of technology. Because if the brand with the apple brings to the car what it brought to the telephone, the prospect becomes terribly attractive.

Suddenly, we like to rock rumors, half-news and intoxicating to say that yes, perhaps, the American multinational is indeed preparing to shake up the mobility market. But in early 2021, it is undoubtedly time to tell ourselves that all this is certainly only an illusion. For years, not a week has gone by without pseudo-news being broadcast. And never the slightest confirmation came. Of course, Apple is used to working in secrecy. But since the rumors of the famous “Titan” project, supposedly dedicated to his car of tomorrow, absolutely nothing has happened.

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The height of the absurd came last Monday, when South Korean automaker Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia denied being in negotiations with Apple for a joint project to produce autonomous vehicles, following persistent rumors in the previous days. And even AFP seemed disappointed with the announcement, writing: “Apple has never admitted to being in negotiations with Hyundai despite information in the press about a possible deal.” Hey yes, “despite” … But the latest news, it is not yet the rumors that are at the origin of the facts.

Never mind, in the middle of the week, it was Nissan who was cited as a new partner of Apple … Still with analysts who believe that “yes, it would be a logical alliance” and the media to relay these rumors.

In short, this is all a bit absurd. No doubt nobody, except at Apple, knows anything about his projects. And maybe they don’t even exist. And when we see the time it takes Google, with its subsidiary Waymo, to develop safe autonomous vehicles, we say to ourselves that Apple, which has never wanted to be a precursor, will probably not announce anything for a long time. Long time. Or even never …