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This device provides drinking water and lighting almost free of charge!

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A young New Zealand designer has designed a kind of skylight using free energy to provide water and light without connection to any network. This is a very interesting solution for developing countries and geographically isolated areas.

A “solar desalination system”

In my opinion, 2.2 billion people in the world do not have access to drinking water services managed in a secure manner. Let us also mention 1.1 billion people still living without access to electricity. Based on this observation, the New Zealand designer Henry Glogau invented an ingenious device: the Solar desalination skylight. You should know that this invention is found a 2021 Lexus Design Awards final, a design competition organized each year by the Japanese car manufacturer Lexus. No one knows if Henry Glogau will win this competition but one thing is certain, his invention deserves a spotlight!

The goal of this invention? Use free sources of energy to provide drinking water and electricity to residents. Concretely, it is a kind of skylight hanging from the ceiling. The latter has a solar desalination system. Thus, the device uses solar energy to light homes at night while transforming salt water into drinking water.

Credits: YouTube capture / Henry Glogau

Provide drinking water and electricity to those in need

As shown in the video visible at the end of the article, the skylight works thanks to the evaporation of seawater caused by solar energy. However, this water arrives through a pipe from a nearby well. In addition, the skylight uses the residual brine for water purification in order to generate an electric charge. This ingenious invention is inexpensive and therefore could logically change the lives of many people around the world. Currently, the Solar Desalination Skylight is being tested in the city of Antofagasta (Chile).

In October 2020, we mentioned work at MIT (United States) on a device capable of extracting water from ambient air. This uses the heat of the Sun in order to extract the water vapor ambient air. In 2018, the French start-up Zéphyr Solar presented its concept of photovoltaic kites. This innovation had obtained the label France is committed, giving the right to a subsidy and public and private support for better development.

Again, these are inexpensive solutions that can bring drinking water and electricity to underprivileged and / or geographically isolated populations.

Here is the video posted by Henry Glogau describing the Solar Desalination Skylight:


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