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this company presents the first self-decontaminating spectacle lenses!

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While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be rife for more than a year after its onset, each means of the fight should be considered with interest. Recently, a German glassmaker unveiled spectacle lenses incorporating an anti-microbial agent, a great first. It is about a treatment of glasses allowing them to overcome viruses and other microbes.

An innovation that promises

Since the arrival of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, innovations are legion, although some may cause surprise. These include, for example, the portable air purifier for small areas, the Covid test in a coffee capsule or even the “antivirus mask” for vehicles. Recently, the German glassmaker ZEISS communicated on spectacle lenses with antiviral qualities. This is the treatment DuraVision® AntiVirus Platinum UV, presented as being able eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

“The eyes are routes of infection for viruses and bacteria. In addition, the glasses that we handle all day long, often without even realizing it, can be infected by microbes that survive for many hours. To provide an answer to this problem, ZEISS has developed a new anti-reflective coating comprising for the first time an antimicrobial agent “, the company said.

Credit: ZEISS

Remember, however, that glasses are an object that we handle regularly. In addition, the latter are particularly exposed to viruses because of their central position on the face. Remember also that the coronavirus is capable of survive up to 72 hours on materials often constituting spectacle frames, such as stainless steel and plastic.

Silver nanoparticles in glasses

After a collaboration with the Institute for Precision Medicine at the University of Furtwangen (Germany), ZEISS therefore presented its glasses capable of automatically eliminating viruses and other microbes. On the other hand, it is not a question of passing a product on the glasses. The latter have in fact directly suffered a treatment with the microbial agent, in addition to the anti-reflective coating.

The researchers injected concentrations of silver nanoparticles into the glasses. These particles with positively charged ions attack the negatively charged cell membrane of microorganisms. ZEISS took the opportunity to recall that the healing properties of silver have not been a secret for centuries to science and medicine. Finally, the German company begins to market its anti-reflective DuraVision lenses® Platinum UV AntiVirus.


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