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This cap with lasers helps hair regrowth!

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Good news for people with baldness: a US company has developed a cap that helps hair grow back. This tool which uses low light laser therapy can be worn anywhere and at any time of the day.

A cap to treat the beginnings of baldness

According to an IFOP survey from 2015, 13% of French people reported having baldness. This is a proportion that has remained stable over the past 25 years. The phenomenon also affects 3% of women aged 65 and over. While nearly one in four French people is affected, many people are looking for a way to regain their hair. It must be said that for many, hair loss is very difficult to accept.

The American company Kiier has developed a high-tech device intended for the fight against baldness or rather androgenic alopecia. This is the Laser Therapy Cap, a simple looking cap promising, using low light lasers, to treat the acceleration of hair loss.

Credit: Kiier

Beautiful promises, however, having limits

If the use of this technology may be surprising, it has been around for decades. The principle of the cap is based on the Low level laser therapy (or low-light laser therapy – LLLT) that scientist Endre Mester discovered in the 1960s. already used by doctors for the purpose of treating hair loss. Moreover, this technology has been the subject of several studies whose purpose was to rule on its effectiveness. It turns out that the results are all in the same direction, concluding on an improvement in hair regrowth in both women and men.

Back to our Laser Therapy Cap. Its lasers do not generate any heat. Thanks to the light coming from diodes, it improves blood circulation in the scalp. This allows the nutrients to reach the roots of the hair in order to nourish them. The cap is available in two versions: the Kiier Pro with 148 laser diodes and the Kiier Premier with 272. The company promises a efficiency up to 93%, for visible results between three and seven months of use.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has already approved this device. However, Kiier offers a full money back guarantee in the event that there is no result after seven months of use. It should be remembered, however, that the system treats men affected by the levels II to V (on VIII) on the Hamilton-Norwood scale and women, by levels I and II (on III) on the Ludwig scale. Thus, the Laser Therapy Cap is incapable of treating excessive baldness.


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