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these scientists suggest wearing a “nasal mask” at mealtimes

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Like the surgical mask, the nasal mask is not very aesthetic. However, according to its creators, the latter would be effective during meals with several people. Are there any chances of seeing this kind of mask democratize?

Limit contamination at mealtimes

The appearance of this nasal mask arouses curiosity but above all mockery, already abundant on the web at the present time. However, the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico says it has carried out very serious work, as indicated by several media in Spain HERE and HERE. The mask in question covers only the nose and would, according to its creators, reduce the risk of contamination during activities requiring the removal of the surgical mask. Among these activities, we find the group meals.

let’s remember that the COMCOR study of the Institut Pasteur (PDF in French / 49 pages) of 2 March 2021 on the sites of contamination with SARS-CoV-2 had underlined the fact that meals play a very important role in the spread of the virus. Meals concern a third of contaminations in family, 42% of those between friends and 15% of those between colleagues. An experiment conducted in Japan in May 2020 also demonstrated how the virus spreads easily at the table.

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Large-scale production soon?

If the nasal mask is widely ridiculed, the aesthetic aspect is not the only reason. Indeed, the detractors point to total inefficiency. It must be said that SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus, so that the latter can be transmitted both through the nose and through the mouth. It can even enter the body through the eyes. On the side of Mexican researchers, the mask – in normal times – should not absolutely not a substitute for the classic mask. However, it could be useful during meals with several people, or even during a consultation with the dentist.

Scientists believe that the nasal mask can help reduce the spread of the virus. If this initiative may seem crazy at first, it is difficult to blame researchers for trying to find solutions. Remember, however, that Mexico has recently passed the 200,000 death mark and is therefore one of the most affected countries on the American continent.

Obviously, the researchers point out that barrier gestures are essential. In terms of meals, it is also wise to avoid gatherings as much as possible. However, the latter want to go further and have their masks manufactured on a large scale. Currently, they are negotiating with a company potentially capable of carrying out this project. Will we one day see this kind of mask arrive in Europe? Nothing seems impossible.

The information was also relayed by the American channel CBS:


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