These French judges overwhelmed by the Sarkozy camp

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While his supporters denounce, since his heavy sentence Monday to 3 years in prison (including 1 closed) for “corruption” and “influence peddling”, the judicial harassment of which he would be the victim, Nicolas Sarkozy did not choose the way of revolt, but that of legal response: “This is an unprecedented case of corruption: not a cent is at stake, no one has obtained any advantage, no victim, no disturbance of public order, he explained Tuesday in the columns of Figaro. I am condemned by attributing to me the pseudo-intention to commit a crime, which would be demonstrated by snatches of telephone conversations taken out of context and put end to end. The judgment does not mention evidence, but a “bundle of clues”. I say that in order to convict, in a state governed by the rule of law, you need proof. ”

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