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These flamingos lost their lives after swallowing hunter pellets

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Lately, dozens of flamingos have perished in Greece after swallowing pellets that hunters have used illegally. A group for the defense of nature has stepped up to the plate to denounce this drift.

Some survivors of dozens of affected animals

Once again, the hunting world is at the heart of an affair that has stirred up many people. According to an article published by Phys February 24, 2021, dozens of flamingos died in the lagoon of Agios Mamas, located in the Halkidiklagon peninsula (north-eastern Greece). They were not, however, hunted directly, but swallowed pellets that hunters usually use. Stavros Kalpakis, from the NGO The Action for WildLife, said he managed to cure nine of these birds before discovering the real massacre that took place in the lagoon.

This is sad news as the famous lagoon had become in 2020 the first breeding ground for flamingos in Greece.

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You should know that hunting is subject to restrictions since the establishment of containment in Greece in November 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These new rules have therefore apparently been ignored. In addition, the use of weights is usually illegal in Greece. However, hunters still use it heavily, which The Action for WildLife actively denounces.

Animals that are of great interest to scientists …

Remember that researchers are conducting a lot of research on the flamingo. In April 2020, British researchers said they had unraveled the mystery of their social life. The flamingos have lasting relationships in love. Some couples can indeed last for several years. Strong bonds also exist in friendship, the flamingos constituting groups of three or four individuals having affinities and meeting regularly.

In 2017, Chinese scientists were interested in one of the favorite postures of flamingos. Remember that these are able to remain extremely stable on one leg even when sleeping, and sometimes even when they are dead. Unlike humans using their muscles to stabilize and balance themselves on one leg, the flamingo shifts the weight of its body so as to naturally stabilize the joints of his paw.


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