“There is more than” to order and to taste

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Beautiful pieces of meat, including an 800 gram prime rib and a breaded “elephant’s ear” veal cutlet. A large choice for the aperitif (foie gras, terrines, salmon, caviar). An Italian box with papardelle, paccheri, fusilli, pesto sauce, sauce truffle and sauce sausage, two jars of parmesan and a jar of Provolone smoke. Simmered dishes: osso buco, veal blanquette, braised pork cheeks or coq au vin. Some cheeses and desserts.

Launched by a Geneva restaurateur, “Y’a plus que” is a new delivery service focused on a large choice of dishes concocted by chefs who have cut their teeth in well-known restaurants in the city, the Sesflo, Comme un stopper or the Escapade.

“Most of the food is local, of high quality and at lower prices than restaurants. You just have to heat them in a bain-marie and dress them, which saves time while ensuring a beautiful result and avoiding the risk of wilted salads and food warmed by the delivery time ”, explains Pamela Redaelli , director of the agency PR & CO, in charge of communication.

Vacuum-packed, these meals in generous portions can be kept for several days in the fridge. “It is a way of reducing food waste, as well as consumer spending: the customer only receives what he needs, preventing the surplus from ending up in the trash,” says Pamela Redaelli.

Another option, for those who have the time to cook but not to do the shopping, “There’s more to it” offers a dozen platters including all the ingredients for a recipe that you just need to prepare according to your tastes. Choice of: Texan or Iberian burger, prime rib, raclette and cheese fondue, Burgundy, classic Chinese or Beijing. But also a fish or meat plancha which contains a grilling mix, sautéed potatoes and five sauces.

There’s just, shipping at Geneva and surroundings, Mon-Sun 11-9 p.m.
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