The wind will no longer blow over Stormwind Heights

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■ Dante’s adventures continue

After having been censored, after having been celebrated, Dante’s work will be declaimed. As if to reinforce the intercultural influence of the work of the Italian poet more than 700 years after his death, Dante’s words will be global.

As part of the Dante project, Terzine of the world, twenty poets will read songs from The Divine Comedy in their mother tongue (s). They will enrich their readings with comments on the work of the poet. The first video playback was on March 29 and the rest will continue every Monday at 6 p.m. until the end of August.

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Imagined by Laura Garavaglia, the president of Casa della Poesia in Como, this project was presented during the long-awaited Dantedi, day dedicated to the poet, on March 25th. Its name refers to the third rhyme, poetic structure dear to Dante that was first used in The Divine Comedy.

For the moment available on the website of the Maison de la Poésie as well as on YouTube, the twenty readings will finally be brought together in a documentary. The latter is expected in October as part of the international poetry festival Europe in verse.

■ The wind will no longer blow over the plains of Stormwind Heights

Preserved for centuries, the plains bordering the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire are today threatened by a major real estate project. This iconic landscape of English romantic literature is known to have seen the birth of the Brontë sisters, who then drew inspiration from it to write Jane eyre or The Wuthering Heights.

Bradford City Council has unveiled plans for a project to build 150 homes in six years. Some 5 hectares of land, on the outskirts of the village of Thornton, are threatened by the project still under study. A symbolic place that marks the beginning of the Bronte Way. This path allows nearly 30,000 visitors a year to follow in the footsteps of the authors to reach Haworth Parsonage, home of the Brontë sisters, now transformed into a museum.

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Although the Council claims to build the project with the utmost consideration and with respect for the moor, the project worries locals and fans alike. It’s hard to imagine the beautiful Catherine Linton rushing headlong to express all the pains of a life of drama and mourning through this subdivision project …

■ The irreducible cast of Asterix

If the duo Ferri and Conrad revealed at the beginning of the month the title of the next Asterix album, this week it is Guillaume Canet who says more about the next film dedicated to the little Gaul. The shooting ofAsterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom having started on April 12, a (big) part of the cast has been revealed.

And if we are still trying to guess the cultural personality who will be invited to Asterix and the Griffin, the casting announced by the director allows a good number of candidates to try their hand at roles in the film. If Guillaume Canet offered himself the role of Asterix, Gilles Lellouche will be his Obelix under the spell of Angèle en Falbala.

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Together they will face Vincent Cassel under Caesar’s laurel wreath accompanied by Marion Cotillard as Cleopatra. To supply everyone with a magic potion, we will find Pierre Richard behind the cauldron of Panoramix, and Philippe Katerine will brandish the lyre of Assurancetourix.

And these are just a few names of the troop, enough to wait until 2022. But before that, Asterix and the Griffin, announced for the month of October, promises “an epic quest strewn with pitfalls” of which we only know the essential …

■ Selahattin Demirtas in danger

The trial of Selahattin Demirtas, writer and co-chair of the People’s Democratic Party, resumed on April 14 in Istanbul. Arrested in the context of the purges carried out by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in November 2016, he was sentenced and has been imprisoned for almost 5 years.

Serious charges still hang over the politician, which could earn him up to 142 years in prison. In question, its supposed links with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, presumed terrorist by the Turkish government. Charges recognized by the Turkish Constitutional Court as insufficient to justify the extension of the pre-trial detention of Demirtas, and this since June 2020, as the organization PEN International recalls.

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The latter joined the European Court of Human Rights, demanding the release of the politician. In a judgment delivered in December 2020, the European Court called for the immediate release of Demirtas, adding that the latter had been “kept out of parliamentary work by his prolonged detention on remand without sufficient justification”.

Nicolas Gary is site director ActuaLitté.

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