The Vert’liberals unanimous behind the CO2 law

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The delegates of the Vert’liberal party (PVL), gathered in a virtual assembly on Saturday, adopted their slogans for the votes of June 13. They recommend the “yes” to the law on CO2, yes to the Covid-19 law and the “no” to that on terrorism. They had already rejected in February the initiative for clean drinking water and left the freedom to vote on pesticides.

A possible ecological turning point

The CO2 law is an important intermediate step towards a climate neutral Switzerland, but others must follow, say the Liberals. According to them, Switzerland must take a pioneering role in climate protection. The ecological turn is possible, because the technologies and the know-how to make it happen are available. “If we implement it correctly, this law offers a great opportunity for our economy and our society,” notes National Councilor Isabelle Chevalley (VD).

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The Vert’liberals also clearly approved the Covid-19 law, deemed particularly necessary in order to support businesses and independents economically affected by the pandemic. Thanks to her, culture, sport and the media received much needed help during the crisis. A rejection of the law would jeopardize the support measures and create legal uncertainty.

The Vert’liberals, on the other hand, swept the law on terrorism with a score of 148 votes to 11. They believe that it attacks liberal values ​​and the rule of law by including vague formulations which open the door to errors and decisions. arbitrary. According to them, the presumption of innocence has been abolished and the principle of the separation of powers flouted, since coercive measures can be ordered by the police without evidence.