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The vagabond reappearance of the Geneva singer BellWald

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An eclipse of nearly twenty years, where he hardly practiced music anymore. As saying that The Disappearance (The Story of Toni & J.), singer and musician BellWald’s fourth album, is in itself a little miracle. That of a miracle patient even, struck down in particular during this period of time by a serious illness followed by severe depression, which wakes up in the confusion of a coma on the title Beau-Stay.

After new wave beginnings almost forty years ago within the group Smirnov, the Genevan has experienced an erratic journey where he alternates recordings between song and synthetic pop since 1994 under the surnames of Bellwald then El Peter Waldo Experience, collaborates with Phil Collins, Stéphane Blok, Jean Bart, Kid Chocolat, Love Motel or Velma. Before enduring these blows of fate removing him from his art which he practices in parallel with his profession as a graphic designer.

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