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The United States “open” to direct discussions with Tehran on nuclear power

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The United States will participate next week in Vienna in talks with the major powers that signed the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, while remaining “open” to “direct” talks with Iran, the United States said on Friday. spokesperson for American diplomacy.

“The main topics that will be discussed are the nuclear measures that Iran must take to fully comply with the terms” of the 2015 international agreement, “and the measures to lift the sanctions that the United States must take for them. respect again too, ”Ned Price told AFP.

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He clarified that these talks would begin Tuesday in Austria and warned that the United States did not expect “an immediate breakthrough” but rather “difficult discussions.” “But we think it is a salutary step forward.” , added the spokesperson for the US State Department.

Withdrawal of the agreement by the Trump administration

The major powers still members of the agreement supposed to prevent Iran from acquiring an atomic bomb (China, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom) held a virtual meeting organized by the European Union with Tehran on Friday. It was the first since the election of Joe Biden in the United States, which was however not represented, the Iranians refusing at this stage a direct meeting with the enemy country.

Former US President Donald Trump withdrew his country from this agreement in 2018 and reinstated all US sanctions against Iran, which in turn began to free itself from restrictions on its nuclear program.

The new American president has said he is ready to return to the agreement if Tehran also comes back to the nails of its commitments, but the two countries are passing the buck on who will have to take the first step. At the end of Friday’s meeting, the participants decided to meet again next week in Vienna.

The US government “has agreed to participate in talks” with the Europeans, Russians and Chinese to discuss a “mutual return” to the deal by Washington and Tehran, Ned Price said.

“These talks will be structured around working groups formed by the European Union with participants still members” of the agreement, “including Iran,” he said.

“We do not expect direct talks between the United States and Iran at this stage of the process, but the United States remains open to this possibility,” he added.

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