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The unbearable lightness of Swisscom with its customers

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First, well done. Congratulations to the RTS who fought for three years with the authorities to obtain exchanges between Swisscom and the federal data protection and transparency officer. The publication in recent days of extracts from these documents, as well as information published in parallel by 20 minutes at the same time, is really not to the advantage of the operator.

First, a quick review of the facts. On February 7, 2018, Swisscom announced that the data of around 800,000 of its customers had been stolen. These are their name, phone number, address and date of birth. At the time, I already believe that the operator had acted lightly: it was up to its customers to send an SMS to the number 444 to find out if their data had been stolen. Swisscom had not informed them.

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