The Trump trial, day 4: “The monstrous lie of the Democratic prosecution”

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A “monstrous lie”. A “political revenge”. A “shameful attempt to censor President Trump and the 75 million Americans who voted for him.” After two days of hearings in which the prosecution described Donald Trump as “the chief instigator of a dangerous insurgency” which committed “the worst violation of the presidential oath in the history of the United States”, the defense drew his arguments on Friday. And it was Michael van der Veen who opened the fires.

For Donald Trump’s lawyers, the impeachment trial is not only “unconstitutional” – their client having become a private citizen again – but they deny any connection between him and the “tragic” attack on the Capitol on January 6. In the end, the former president could be cleared of the charge of “incitement to insurgency” and not be declared ineligible. Unless seventeen Republican senators decide to find him guilty, by voting with the Democrats. President Joe Biden spoke again on Friday, saying he was “impatient” to see how Republicans behave.