The Trump trial, day 3: “He didn’t express any remorse”

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Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is advancing rapidly. With, from now on, this question, central: the presentation of the unpublished documents of the attack on the Capitol, presented Wednesday by the democratic prosecutors, will she influence certain Republican senators and make them change their mind? This is what President Joe Biden hopes, who until now had preferred to remain discreet. However, seventeen Republicans would need to vote with Democrats for Donald Trump to be found guilty of “inciting insurgency” and to be declared ineligible. A figure which at this stage seems difficult to achieve. Despite the weight of words and the shock of images. Despite the cries of assailants calling for “hang Mike Pence”, which once again echoed in the hemicycle.

An incendiary rhetoric

On Thursday, prosecutors continued their demonstrations, accumulating tweets, video clips and images. Their goal: to prove that Donald Trump is capable of reoffending and that he must be kept away from power.