The Super League is dead, its spirit must not survive

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Concretely, the case will have lasted less than 48 hours. The European Super League project, officially announced Sunday evening at midnight by 12 clubs, imploded late Tuesday with the successive withdrawals of its English founders. First there was Manchester City, then Chelsea, soon Arsenal and their “apologies for having made a mistake”. Wednesday morning, there were only a few Latin pirates left on board the ship, no doubt divided between the conviction of following the right course and the evidence of the sinking. Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, was quick to admit to Reuters that the project was stillborn.

While some voices called for sanctions against the felons – from the withdrawal of points in the league to immediate disqualification in the Champions League for the teams entered in the semi-finals – UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin opted on Wednesday morning for a message of reunification. “The important thing now is to move forward, to rebuild the unity that the sport enjoyed before, and to move forward together,” he said in a statement. The big clubs involved in the Super League project ‘are back in the fold now’ and ‘have a lot to offer […] to all of European football ”.